DORN Method & Breuss Massage

200177292-001The DORN Method is a holistic manual therapy and simple self-help method for the gentle and safe correction of misalignments in the spine, pelvis, sacrum and other joints.

It consists of a range of unique manual techniques, movements and exercises to help joints and vertebrae gently align into their natural position without clicking, crunching or any high impact techniques. Instead we use natural body movements to allow gentle and totally safe manipulation.


massage of the lower backThe Breuss Massage is a wonderful, gentle spinal massage that complements a DORN treatment. It stretches, energises and regenerates the spine. It also dissolves physical, energetic and emotional blockages.

The treatment may assist with the self healing of:

Back Pain * Neck Pain * Sciatica * Headaches * Migraines * Scoliosis * Constipation * IBS * Stress & Tension


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