Coagulation Analysis

3151457444Also known as “Layered Dry Blood Analysis” or “Oxidative Stress Test”, it was originally developed in Europe in the 1920s. This test is an evaluation of the client’s coagulation morphology. There is a very distinct difference between a dried sample from a healthy individual and a dried sample from a chronically ill person.

The dried blood sample is usually taken directly  after the live blood sample. The drop of blood is left resting on the finger for approximately 30 seconds, allowing the coagulation process to start.

A series of eight prints, 5131235146called the eight layers, is then taken and allowed to dry completely. As the blood dries on the slide, there is a natural centrifugal activity whereby the different elements spin out into rings, depending on their specific gravity.

By analysing the different coagulation patterns over the eight layers, we can identify indications of toxins, digestive imbalances, free radical damage, lymphatic congestion, inflammation, viral conditions, parasitic activity, blood sugar imbalances, liver stress, degeneration, and more…

These findings can then be correlated with the results from the Live Blood Analysis to provide us with a complete picture of your general health and nutritional status.



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