Live Blood Analysis

3151315472This insightful test helps to take the guesswork out of choosing the correct combination of nutritional supplements and required dietary changes.

By  analysing your live blood under a microscope, we can  uncover  many  hidden imbalances,  including:

* Nutritional Deficiencies * Immune Weakness * Hydration Levels  * pH Imbalance * Digestive Imbalance * Liver Stress * Kidney Stress * Anaemia * Parasites * Free Radical Damage * Toxicity * Lymphatic Congestion * Candida * And More…

A single drop of blood is taken from3151445489 the finger and placed under a powerful microscope. The image is then projected onto a computer screen in real-time and all findings are pointed out and discussed during the consultation.

The whole process is interactive and very informative. It allows the client to have a peak at there own health on a cellular level! Combining this test with the Coagulation Analysis, will provide us with a complete picture of your general health and nutritional status.


A natural treatment program can then be designed to correct the imbalances and restore wellness from within. Lifestyle and dietary changes are combined with specially formulated herbal tinctures and high quality nutritional supplements. This holistic-treatment approach ensures that the desired results can be achieved.

A follow-up appointment is recommended after three to four weeks to monitor the progress. Improvements in the live blood can be assessed and the treatment program can be adjusted as accordingly.



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