Heinrich's analysis of my blood has provided me with the opportunity to evaluate my general health in a non-invasive, proactive and structured manner. The information I gained allowed me to optimize my health very easily and in a sustainable manner.

Merina Wolmarans Glencairn

Thank you so much for helping me change my life. It makes such a difference to get results immediately. The Live Blood Analysis was very interesting and 100% correct.Your information as to where I was going wrong and what i need to take and do to cure myself has been very beneficial.I am following your advice and am feeling much healthier already, in such a short time.I am definitely going to continue on this path.
Thank you so much!

Estelle Ramsden Simon's Town

The analysis showed me everything about my health and nutritional state
that I needed to know. I could see exactly where I had gone wrong and
Heinrich was able to advice me on how to correct my diet and lifestyle.
The treatment was effective and the results amazing: I feel more
energetic, healthier and younger!

Debera Schueler Muizenberg

I was feeling bloated and miserable, knowing that something was not right in my body. Going to Balance Natural Health Clinic was the best thing I could have done. The fact that my concerns were visible in my blood samples made me feel confident that the problems I was facing would be identified and be treated the NATURAL way! After only a day I wasn't bloated any more and started feeling normal again. I have never felt better.

Claire Whittington Hout Bay

I have been struggling with blotchy skin and headaches for the past two years. I had tried detoxes and even antibiotics, with minimal results. The Live Blood Analysis was fascinating - I have never felt more motivated to maintain a healthy lifestyle than I do now. I watch daily as my skin slowly clears and I feel more energised day-by-day. This is all thanks to the sound dietary guidance and supplements suggested by Heinrich.

Chelsey Wilson Noordhoek

Jaeden's improvement is amazing! His appetite is much better, his temper has improved and he does have more stamina. We are so pleased to see this improvement.

Germaine Staley & Jaeden (7 yrs old) Scarborough

I suffered from relentless migraines, food allergies and lack of energy that medication only offered short-term relief for.

My mom took me for a LBA that dramatically changed my life.

In less than two weeks of taking the assessment and recommended supplements, I felt tons better; free of joint and back aches. I have more energy and sleep well at night.

The migraines are fading and can now be counted on one hand.

What I most enjoyed about the consultation was the inclusive manner in which the practitioner,Heinrich le Roux, conducted the tests. He identified the exact issues and took his time in explaining what appeared on the screen.

I am grateful for the relief.

Sealle Mahlo (16 years old) Goodwood

After almost 2 years of feeling “off”, with symptoms including : extreme exhaustion, irritable bowel syndrome, dizziness, forgetfulness, weight gain, irregular sleep patterns ,headaches, confusion , getting sick all the time with flu and random infections and many more.

Conventional diagnosis after a myriad of tests came up as “work related anxiety”, followed by months of anxiety medication which did not work at all. I decided to ween myself off the medication with the assistance of my GP. My symptoms remained the same, causing me great concern which turned to pure fear when I had a third lump (thankfully benign) was discovered within a few months. I basically fell apart, the symptoms were taking its toll on me mentally, physically and emotionally. I knew something was very wrong and I did not know where to turn to. No one seemed to understand how bad I felt and how concerned I was.

I came across an ad for a LIVE BLOOD ANALYSIS which led me to the offices of Heinrich at the Balance Natural Clinic. He took me through every step explaining everything step by step in an interactive, non-judgemental consultation. Heinrich answered every question I had and listened to what I had to say. An hour later I walked out with sound advice based on a combination of  my unique blood analysis and how to achieve positive results taking my lifestyle into consideration.

There was no hidden agenda to sell product which is 99% of what the “health” industry in based on these days. Heinrich has a  genuine interest in the health of his patients. 3 Weeks after following a very easy, basic and achievable detox to rid myself of all the toxins, followed by a dietary guideline (again, no crazy ingredients or foods that cost you a fortune and becomes too much trouble to keep up, based on foods readily available that most people have in our homes anyway) it felt like I was waking up through the mist for the first time in two years. My symptoms disappeared. I am down 18 kilograms, which was never the intention, this was the added benefit of having your body work like it should.

I am doing regular 10km walks(the last was the Spar Ladies Walk which I did in 1h30), I have climbed out Devils Peak four times in these last 4 months and do the Good hope 10 km Slave Challenge this weekend.  I have recommended Heinrich to anyone who asks me what my secret is, every one of them expecting me to answer with some new celebrity fad diet, that miracle cure/pill everyone is always looking for.

I have learned you have to “listen” to your body. Find people who can help you understand what is happening to your body, that is what I found at the Balance Natural Clinic.  I am eternally grateful.

(Disclaimer: individual results may vary and no results can be guaranteed)

Herriet Petersen Belville

So very muchly recommend visiting Heinrich le Roux for a live blood analysis (very useful procedure for anyone and everyone who wants to get involved in understanding their own health), what an incredibly helpful man he is... passionate service, leagues beyond what I experienced last time I went for an LBA (and paid double)! He investigated and explained every aspect so thoroughly, with none of the pushiness to follow his recommendations or buy health products which you so often get with them nutritionist types. 😉 Just pure encouragement to want to get proactive with full awareness of what you are doing... rather than just buying a bunch of expensive products and hoping they will work - its great to head in that direction, away from the pharma, sure... but natural medicine is all about awareness, its not just the next big industry... its meant to be a holistic, empowering solution and Heinrich really represents in this regard, much respect!

Mandi Lizamore Franschoek

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